About Us

Abel Alejandre
Creative Director

I’ve managed  print and Web Designers in Marketing departments for more than ten years. Engaged in aggressive vendor negotiations for various types of projects. I remain involved with a project from concept to completion.

I’ve  worked as Production Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Art Director,  Senior Creative Manager and Video Editor and take great pride in understanding the creative process and how it connects with the world.

As an imaginative individual it my life’s mission to  present information, narratives and concepts to multiple audiences in a language that they will understand.

Lisa Lerma
Art Director

I am quite versatile and love to be involved from concept to delivery. With an expertise in print design I’m no stranger to press checks.

Having supported multiple divisions, personnel, and business clients my calendar and I are very comfortable with deadlines.

I work with vision and purpose but keep a careful eye on the big picture.


I review, revise, and suggest copy for most tag lines, blog content, email content, and print communication.